Monday, July 8, 2013

♥ New Book I'm Writing! ♥

Okay so as you may know I am writing a new book.
I haven't been able to write in it for a while and I went on a long hiatus because I have been busy with school, and many other things in life. Now I am starting my book back up and going to make a great comeback! I have been wanting to do this for a long time now and this time I will definitely try sticking to it! If you are interested in reading my book then you can read about it below or go to my page at:

Of course you can read it on my blog because I will be posting my book on my blog and my chapters on here as well, or if you want to read it in a more traditional style or just from the website, then you are free to as well. The description and prologue of my book is below.

Knight of the Crimson Moon

 Go on a journey with a special girl named Scarlett. She doesn't know at first about her special powers or capabilities she has; until she begins to discover more mysteries, and secrets about herself. 

Knight of the Crimson Moon Prologue:

A bright moon arises at the start of Scarlett's journey. She is now a 18 year old girl hoping, and seeking knowledge of her past. Go on a journey with her as she meets new people, and begins to find out the truth about herself, and who her parents were. Her road is filled with many obstacles, as she discovers deep into the past, and learn about the future of her life. She doesn't know about her powers or capabilities she has yet to discover, but will her destiny make an impact on the whole world?

So what do you think of it? If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about my book, drop a comment below the page and I will be happy to hear from you. I decided to give you more in posting the characters of the book and even though the characters look short, I will add more to it later as the book goes along.


Scarlett Crimson- A tom-boyish girl who yet wants to discover who she really is. Her parents died when she was 3, and barely knew about them. She currently lives in the Crimson Estate, which she inherited by her parents who were wealthy doctors. She lives with her friend, maid, and caretaker whose name is Elizabeth. Scarlett goes on a journey, and meets people along the way. She doesn't know about her powers yet, but soon she will discover more about herself. 
Elizabeth Smith- The caretaker, and friend of Scarlett. She lives with Scarlett whom she refers to as Master Crimson. Elizabeth used to be close friends with Scarlett's parents, and know about them more than Scarlett does, but she doesn't let Scarlett know that much about them. She takes care of the estate, and often tends to the garden. She works as a maid for Scarlett, and cares deeply much for her.

Master Blain (Blain Crow)- Scarlett's master, and trainer. You will soon meet him as the story continues. Master Blain is like a guardian, and mentor to Scarlett. He watches over her, and cares a great deal for her. He looks to her as his own child. He soon teaches Scarlett about the basics of fighting, training, and how to maintain her power, and abilities. He lives, and takes care of the Saint Hill Church. Scarlett found out about him through Elizabeth, and he knows about Scarlett's parents.
That's it for it now. I will be posting the first chapter soon. Stay tuned.

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