Saturday, July 13, 2013

♥ Knight of the Crimson Moon ♥

Chapter 1: Bright Moon

I jumped, and opened my eyes slightly to the loud noise of my clock. I ran my hand down the side of my cheek as I turned to see what time it was on the grandfather clock. The clock struck six-thirty a.m. I looked up towards the ceiling to see my majestic vintage canopy hanging over me. My house is pretty big; a manor, similar to a mansion. I would feel so lonely in this big place if Elizabeth wasn't here with me. It puts me in the mind of a historical grand palace, with grand diamond chandeliers, and a slightly pink-pastel, vintage overtone to it. I then remembered that I ended up in this house because my now dead parents left this house for me in the will, along with the money. My parents were both wealthy doctors, but I never really knew who they were. I live by myself, but the person who always watched over me was Elizabeth. She takes care of the house for me and was close friends with my parents. She had always been there for me... far from what I could even remember. I closed my eyes, then opened them again, and jumped out of bed. I went to my big window, and opened the curtains. Light from the sun poured in, as I looked out the window from my three story house. I always enjoyed living in the countryside of Aspen Range. The springs would bring sweet smelling flowers, along with birds chirping their melody. I could see Elizabeth tending the garden below, and smiled at the great view.
      I snapped back to reality hearing the chime of the clock echoing it's annoyance in my ears. As soon as the clocked stopped, I then walked to the bathroom. "Man that thing is loud..." I placed my hands down onto the sink, and looked into my big long mirror my hair was long, nearly reaching to the level of my bellybutton. It was also a silky black color, which brought out my golden skin complexion. In my opinion, I thought I looked pretty decent enough. I would say I'm a little pretty than what you may think, but not as pretty as the ladies I see walking in downtown Aspen. My lips are peach pink, and my skin is soft. The only problem I don't like about myself are my eyes. My eyes are brown, but looked black whenever you looked at them. Others often think I look mean, but it only happens when I get angry. I tied my hair into a ponytail using a red ribbon. I then braided my long hair, and tied another ribbon at the bottom, and pulled my braid to the left side in front of my shoulder. I turned the faucet on, and splashed a little water on my face to wake myself up a little. 
   After I washed my face, and brushed my teeth, I went into my walk-in closet to choose my ensemble for the day. I often find myself to dress up in men influenced attire, mainly because I'm a tomboy. I like to wear suit vests along with coats. I tied a scarf around my collared shirt, then I buttoned up my suit vest. I put on my trousers, and my fancy pair of loafers, then I tied a cloak around myself. I put on my black pair of gloves as l looked in the mirror. I already knew that people would make a big fuss over my attire for the day, but I didn't care because this day was special for me; so therefore I had to dress up.
    When I was done dressing myself, I walked out of my giant room down towards the grand staircase. I walked down the steps, and then went to the kitchen to grab one of the fresh pastries and tea that Elizabeth always makes for me each morning. I walked into the dining room and rested my elbow on the chair. I looked out the long window as the embroidered curtains hung daintily from it. The sunlight illuminated the whole room. It was a beautiful sight. It was my favorite room in the whole house. Great memories happened here. I enjoyed eating on the long exquisite table every quiet, beautiful morning. The centerpiece was covered in beautiful flowers layered along to both ends of the table. It was piled with silver tableware that gave it a high end look. Parties were enjoyable because the table could at least seat up to thirty people. I sat down at the end of the table to quickly eat my pastry and quietly sipped up my tea. When I finished, I put the dishes up then walked down the red carpeted hallway to the front door.
      I opened the tall wooden doors which always made a deep creaking noise. I walked out the door shutting it behind me. It was a sunny day and I could smell the aroma of the flowers as they filled the air with their scent. I looked to the right to see Elizabeth. I walked down the porch, and stepped on the grass where she was kneeling. She turned, and smiled at me. "Good morning Master Crimson," she said. "Good morning Elizabeth," I said as I smiled back at her. She closed her eyes quickly, and opened them smiling. "Did you get any rest?" I turned my head slightly to the side, and answered. "Yes... Well... Maybe I did get a little rest, but lately I have been struggling to get some sleep lately." I didn't want to tell her the true reason why. Dreams would trouble me at night just a few weeks back, and up until now. "I see..." she said as she picked up the flower pot from the ground, then stood on her feet. Elizabeth was very pretty. Her hair was always pulled up into a braided bun, with flowers always in her hair from the garden. She always wore her elegant, cream-colored, and light blue maid uniform that brought out her snow white skin. 
      She then looked towards me with her big blue eyes, and said, "Well I hope you do get enough rest. You don't need to be spending too much time on your research. Just take a break from it. I always see you in your office ruffling through those books, and papers of yours. "I looked at her smiling, and said, "Don't worry Elizabeth, I'm okay. I will usually go back to my same old ways. I'm just trying to find more about my parents that's all." "Okay, but don't overwork yourself. If you think you need rest, then you really need it. So, why are you dressed up for the day anyway Master?" She asked me. "I am going to go downtown to the Saint Hill Church today to talk to someone important." "Well you have a good day today, and I hope everything goes well for you. Did you enjoy your breakfast?" There was no reply. "Master, Master? Oh goodness!" She turned around to see me already halfway running down towards the front lawn gate. I turned my head around, and waved at her. "You always know I do! I chuckled as I yelled back. She smiled, and shook her head as she went back into the house. I ran out the gate, and stopped to lock it. I then went into the driveway, and got into my country vintage car. Hopefully this would be the day to find out more about the mystery of my past...

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