Wednesday, October 9, 2013

♥ #TheSunProject109 ♥

Okay so as you may know, I did the #TheSunProject109 a few days ago! 
This was trending all on instagram and tumblr all day long on Oct. 9 and I felt like I should do it.
Okay let me explain what it is first:
Draw a sun on your wrist if you are one of the people 
that is suffering or have suffered self harm, bullying, depression,
an eating disorder, suicidal thoughts, etc. 
Even if you haven't from any mental illness, 
you can still participate to show your support.
The sun is important in the solar system, 
just as you are important to this earth.
The sun has a huge shine that everyone
sees except itself, just like every single 
one of you have a special shine that
you can't see yourself.

I did this because I felt 4/5 of those things mentioned above and this was probably
the best idea I ever heard. I never self harmed because I couldn't come to the point of actually hurting myself. But for the people that has or went through many of those things above, and is still here today, with us, I commend you. We need to get chances like these to support people who have been through these types of things on a daily basis and it gives
them hope. So whoever came up with this idea is genius. It breaks my heart to see so many people thinking that they are not good enough and think they are not important.
Well let me tell you, you are important.
God created you for a reason and you may not find your purpose in this world,
or not yet, but God truly has a plan for you.
I want you to stop hurting yourself, harming yourself, and thinking in a suicidal way.
I seldom still think in a suicidal way but it gets better day by day.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
You may not see it or you may not think so, but it will.
If you are being cyber bullied or if you are going through a rough time
talk to me. Send me an e-mail or contact me, whichever way you want.
I'm always here to help. Love you guys, and stay strong.

Being a little artsy and showing my support.
Suicide Prevention Day.